Lifetime Propulsion Battery Replacement Program for Electric Vehicles

All new electric vehicles purchased from Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet are eligible for our exclusive Lifetime Propulsion Battery Replacement Program. This program guarantees peace of mind by ensuring your vehicle's power source remains strong and reliable for the duration of your ownership.

Eligibility and Conditions:

Required Maintenance: To maintain eligibility for the Lifetime Propulsion Battery Replacement Program, all required factory maintenance, including tire rotations, must be performed at Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet.

Non-transferable: This benefit is exclusive to the original owner and cannot be transferred to subsequent owners.

Commercial Vehicle Exclusion: Sales of commercial vehicles are not eligible for this program.

Battery Condition: Batteries must be free of any physical damage. Damage due to accidents, abuse, neglect, vandalism, or unauthorized modifications will void this offer.

Terms of Service:

All service work must be completed at Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet LLC.

The battery replacement is contingent upon regular inspections and maintenance performed by our certified technicians.

This program does not cover additional electrical components or labor costs associated with battery replacement.

Definitions and Clarifications:

  • Physical Damage: Physical damage to the battery includes, but is not limited to, punctures, cracks, water immersion, fire, melting, warping, or any other form of external force that alters the battery’s physical integrity. It also encompasses damage from improper installation or removal, storage in extreme temperatures, or any conditions contrary to the instructions in the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Inspection Criteria: Regular inspections will assess the battery's state of charge, output, and overall health through diagnostic tests as recommended by the manufacturer. These inspections will take place annually or at mileage intervals as per the manufacturer's recommendation, whichever comes first. Batteries will also be inspected for any signs of physical damage, improper handling, or symptoms of failure.
  • Diagnostic Testing: Customers are responsible for the cost of battery diagnostic testing and inspection. The fee for this service is at our posted EV door rate, which covers one hour of diagnostic time by our certified technicians.
  • Diagnostic Testing Location: To assess whether a battery has reached the degradation threshold, testing must be performed at Loehmann Blasius Chevrolet. All tests will be conducted using the latest diagnostic technology to accurately gauge battery capacity and health.

Limitations on Replacements:

  • Frequency of Replacement: The battery replacement under this program is limited to once every 5 years unless a defect in materials or workmanship is identified earlier. Customers are encouraged to consult their warranty documentation for specific replacement intervals as they may vary by model and battery type.
  • Eligibility Window: Replacement claims must be made within a 30-day period following the detection of a battery issue. Failure to report and have the issue inspected within this period may result in forfeiture of the replacement claim.
  • Mileage Consideration: While battery replacement is guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle, battery performance naturally degrades over time and with use. Batteries that have exceeded the manufacturer's recommended usage limits may not be eligible for replacement.

Additional Considerations:

  • Pre-Inspection Requirement: Prior to replacement, a thorough inspection will be conducted to confirm the need for battery replacement. This inspection is mandatory and is designed to verify the eligibility under the terms of this program.
  • Diagnostics: If diagnostic tests reveal that the battery is functioning within the manufacturer's specifications, a replacement may not be authorized.

Procedure for Claims:

  • Initiating a Claim: To initiate a battery replacement claim, the customer must contact Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet to schedule an inspection appointment. The claim must be accompanied by the vehicle service records, verifying adherence to required maintenance schedules.
  • Inspection and Approval: Following the inspection by our certified technicians, if the battery is deemed eligible for replacement, we will proceed with the claim approval process. This process includes verifying warranty coverage, battery condition, and customer compliance with the program's terms and conditions.
  • Scheduling Replacement: Once approved, we will schedule a convenient time for the customer to bring the vehicle in for the battery replacement service. A loaner vehicle may be provided at the dealers’ discretion and based on availability.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and Notification: Customers are responsible for maintaining their vehicle in accordance with the factory-recommended maintenance schedule and promptly notifying Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet of any battery-related concerns.
  • Record Keeping: It is the customer's responsibility to keep all service records and receipts as proof of maintenance, which must be presented when a claim is made.

Program Duration:

  • Effective Date: The program is effective as of the delivery date of your Electric Vehicle from the Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet. and will continue until further notice. Loehmann-Blasius Chevrolet. reserves the right to terminate or modify the program with 30 days' notice to the customers.

Battery Capacity Consideration:

  • Understanding Battery Aging: As part of our commitment to transparency, it is important for customers to understand that all batteries degrade over time. The rate of degradation varies based on several factors including, but not limited to, charging habits, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. As a result, the range and performance of an electric vehicle's battery will decrease gradually.
  • New Battery Performance: When a battery is replaced under the Lifetime Propulsion Battery Replacement Program, the new battery will have a capacity as close as possible to the original specifications. However, due to advancements in battery technology or changes in manufacturer specifications, the replacement may have a slightly different capacity.
  • Old Battery Mileage: Customers should be aware that the aging process means the older the battery gets, the less mileage may be achieved on a full charge. It's a natural and expected aspect of battery life. Our program ensures that even as your battery ages, you have a pathway to replacement, ensuring continued vehicle use.
    • Degradation Threshold: A battery is considered for replacement when diagnostic tests indicate significant degradation that impacts vehicle performance and range. The threshold for significant degradation will align with current industry standards and may be adjusted based on advancements in battery technology and manufacturer guidelines.


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